Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Few Reflections

Riverton, Utah       High 91 Low 66

The weather here has been kind of warm lately but it is supposed to get a lot cooler by Sunday.

We have been busy trying to get all the things finished before we leave in three weeks for Albuquerque. We will be staying with the Boomers at the Balloon Fiesta. We have volunteered to help with the balloons. Cindy doesn’t want to ride a balloon, but I would like to, but we have been advised that there are no guarantees.

We had Jim and Sandi stay at our house for three days and probably would have done more with them if Jim’s back had been better. Maybe next time. We did enjoy having them stay with us and hope they feel the same way. Our driveway was a little crowded for them, but they didn’t seem to mind.

After reading Al’s post last night, it seems that they have decided they no longer want two homes. Cindy and I have talked about this very thing, and feel that if we were to buy another place, it would take something away from the RV lifestyle. If we had another place we would feel obligated to go there in the winter, rather than go anywhere we want.

Cindy also doesn’t want to sell our present home. Someday everyone seems to have to hang up the keys. And besides, where would she put all her material. lol Our home is a little large for two of us, but it is one we have built together. Right now with Tammy and the kids living here it gets a lot hectic sometimes, but I guess we are glad the house isn’t vacant when we are gone. And if it gets too bad, we could always leave with the trailer and find somewhere to go.

We have done a lot of traveling for the past three years, and hope to be able to continue for a while. Next summer we would like to spend some time in Oregon and Washington. I know we will go back to Arizona this winter after Christmas.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much, but with not a lot going on, I didn’t feel like boring you by writing every day.

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  1. You are so right in your thinking that " it would take something away from the RV lifestyle". We found that does happen & as much as we enjoyed our house these past 3 years I'm looking forward to once again being back on the road traveling to old familiar places & many new ones too.

  2. You and Cindy are like us. We don't like to stay in one place very long. The longest we've ever stayed at one place is for a month and that was when we were visiting all the kids or for Bill's health.