Sunday, August 16, 2015

Quick Update

Riverton, Utah         High 88 Low 61

A few days ago I took the truck to get the front end checked to see why the extra wear on the tires. I was told that the toe-in was way off; possibly caused by hitting a rut or all the rough roads we have been on. They corrected it and hopefully the tires wear better.

I quilted one quilt for Cindy, and now I’m only about 30 behind. lol I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll ever catch up.

We had our convection/ microwave oven in the trailer quit doing the convection part. I decided to see if it could be repaired instead of replacing it. A new one was about $500.00 and the repair place was able to fix it for $85.00. They found a burned wire on the thermostat. It was a little awkward to get in and out, not because it’s hard to do, but because of the weight and being in fairly tight quarters.

Last night my son, Ted, and his girlfriend had an open house to show off my latest grandson. He is a cutie. He is about 3 weeks old. Cindy gave them an afghan she made a while ago.
Proud dad and grand dad.

We still have a lot to do before we leave at the end of September. We are going to travel with Cindy’s mom and sister, for a couple of months.

I have to do something about insurance before we leave. My insurance with Cindy's policy ends on October 1st and I don't know whether to go with a medicare supplement policy or one with prescriptions. My understanding is that if I don't get some kind of prescription policy now, I'll get penalized if I do it later. So far the agents I've talked to want to sell me a supplement policy, which I don't know if I really need, instead of a Medicare Part C plan, which includes prescriptions. Any thoughts? 

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  1. Most Medicare Part C plans assume that you will stay in your home state.. They are not good when you are traveling away from home..... Make sure to check out what happens if something catastrophic would happen when you are 5 states away.... And yes it is true that you will be penalized if you don't sign up for prescription coverage right from the start..... I use a part F plan rather than the part C medicare advantage plan to make sure I will be covered when I am in Arizona for extended periods of time in the winter.....

  2. Marcia has a Plan J through AARP which is good anywhere in USA, and she has medicare A and B. My understanding is Plan J is not available, but Plan F would be good throughout the country with AARP. (You don't have to join AARP to get this.) Hope this helps.

  3. Glad you got to see little Eddie. Isn't he adorable?

  4. Really check into the plans. Depending on your medications and the cost of what they would cost out of your pocket without insurance, it adds up. There is a "donut hole" out there on prescriptions. My husband has a supplemental & one of his prescriptions is $600-$700 out of pocket. Usually around June, he hits the "donut hole" & we have to pay for the prescriptions until we meet around $4500 out of our pocket & then the supplemental insurance will kick in again but only pay a certain percent. Do your research, it will be worth it in the long run.