Saturday, August 8, 2015

Picnic With the Grand Kids

Coalville, Utah           High 75 Low 48

Last evening we got some thundershowers. For a while the rain really came down. I’m starting to feel like Nick Russell. The rain seems to be following us around. We have had some really nice days, but we feel like we’ve had our share of rain this summer.

Today it turned out to be a nice day although partly cloudy. Tammy brought the two grand kids up to have a picnic. We thought they were going swimming, but Devon dropped a frozen package on his foot last night and broke his big toe. So he was walking around with crutches and couldn’t go in the pool.

We were going to have a fire but our fire pit was full of water from yesterday’s storm. So I had to get the Charcoal grill out and we used it to cook hot dogs and s’mores. I think the kids had fun. Penny and I took Alysia for a walk around the Park to see the river and the trout pond.

Devon really liked his s'more.
They stayed about 3 hours and went home. We told them we would see them when they got home from school on Monday.

Cindy has been working on some quilts and I helped here trim blocks. It was kind of a laid back day.

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