Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shingle Repair

Yuma, Arizona                High 63 Low 50

When we woke up this morning there was a little mist and it was cool. By 10:00 it stopped and the day got a little warmer. Then by noon the sun came out for a while and it got pleasant. Then about 3:00 it clouded up and after while it started to rain lightly again. Right now it is raining a little harder and is supposed to continue until midnight.

We all went to La Mesa RV this morning and Linda found out that her part is supposed to get in tomorrow. Then, if it does, they can do the repairs Thursday and then Linda and her Mom probably will leave. While we were at La Mesa, we took advantage of their free breakfast.

By noon it had dried out and was warm enough I decided to do the shingle repair. I had noticed 2 shingles missing and when I checked they were broken off. There were extra shingle in our shed and I got the roof cement yesterday. It wasn’t too big a job and I got the two broken shingles replaced and all the one I had to loosen tarred back down. They should be OK for a while.

The missing shingles are on the outsides of this picture.

The darker one is the replacement.

This one matched better. It's in the middle of the third row down.
Afterward I took Penny for a walk and happened on two of her friends and their owner. We stopped and talked for a while and he told me that this year has had the most rain and been colder than any time since he has been coming here (the last 4 years). We both hoped the rain stops and it gets warmer.

We don’t have much planned for tomorrow.

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  1. Another productive day you had, more adventures tomorrow.