Wednesday, January 13, 2016

John Anderson Concert

Yuma, Arizona          High 68 Low 45

It’s finally getting a little warmer and is supposed to continue to warm up for the next week. We Hope!

We had volunteered to help with some of the stuff at the park. This afternoon we were taken up on it and helped at the John Anderson concert. I got to be one of the ticket takers and Cindy was an outside greater directing people to the correct entrance. We had to be there about an hour before the concert was scheduled to start. People started to come at about a half hour before it started.

It got pretty busy taking tickets for a while then tapered off just before the concert started. At that point all the help were allowed to take whatever seat was available.

We enjoyed the concert although Cindy hadn’t known who John Anderson was. We both recognized a lot of his songs, including Seminole Wind, Wild and Blue, and I’m just an Old Chunk of Coal to name a few.

Today Nancy wanted to come and see us, but we weren’t home first this this morning and she didn’t know which lot we are on. Also she didn’t have my cell number so we found out that the security works much to Nancy’s dismay. I’m sorry we missed her, but it is good to know that the security here works like it is supposed to. I answered her email, but probably way after she tried in vain to see us. Hopefully we can get together later in the week.

Friday there is a quilt show here in Yuma that we plan on seeing.

I made an appointment with our dentist in Algodones for tomorrow morning. I have to be there fairly early and hopefully I get back to the USA before the lines get too long.

Thanks for visiting.

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