Thursday, January 21, 2016

Poor Penny

Yuma, Arizona         High 72 Low 48

The weather has been delightful. Warm during the day and cooling off enough at night for good sleeping.

Yesterday we went to Algodones to get Cindy’s teeth cleaned. That went OK and then she went to the hair dressers for a haircut. For $7.00 she got a hair wash, hair cut blow dry and styling. At home she told me it would have been at least $30.00 for the same thing. She was happy about it.

While we were there we walked through a part of town we hadn’t gone to before and saw some more pottery, some of which we will probably get later when we figure out how to get from the dealer, through customs, and then get the dealer back his dolly. This will have to wait until our next trip to Algodones.

When we got back, it was nice and warm, so I decided to give Penny a bath in preparation for her trip to the Veterinarian today. I don’t know if I have mentioned how much she hates baths, but this was the same. The difference this time was that there is a dog grooming station in the park and I don’t think I got as wet as usual. It was warm enough that she dried off quite quickly.

This morning we had to be at the Veterinarian office at 7:30 for Penny’s spaying.  So everyone had to get going a little earlier than usual.  The Veterinarian checked Penny over before her surgery and found some baby teeth that hadn’t come out and asked us if we wanted them removed while she was under the anesthetic. We thought it would be easier on her while she was out, so we told her to go ahead. The only thing is her mouth would also be sore.

At that point we were told we could pick her up at 2:30. When we got her, she was still quite groggy, and as I write this, at 6:00 she still is sleeping a lot, and is hurting. We can tell because of all the little noises she makes when she moves. She has eaten a little, but hasn’t had anything to drink yet. The incisions for the spaying are tiny with dissolving sutures, so we don’t have to go back. The paper we were given on discharge said it may take 10 days before she is her old self.

We are sorry to put her through this, but hope she will be better off overall.

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The co-ordinates are supposed  to be 33.619-114.207.


  1. Oh no hope she recovers quickly such a sweetie she is.

  2. You did the right thing for Penny. Hope she feels better soon. See you Saturday.

  3. Awww poor baby. She's the sweetest!! Didn't they give you some pills for the pain?? Jessie was on pain pills for about 3 days. Hope she feels better soon.