Friday, November 7, 2014

Ya’ll Did Good

Ya’ll Did Good
Biloxi, Mississippi High 67 Low 

Penny had a visitor this morning.

While we were in the Biloxi Visitor Center we listened to a recording about the Legend of the Ring Tree. It goes as follows: An Indian princess was in love with a brave from a rival tribe and asked her father, the chief if she could marry him. Her father would not give his permission because the two tribes were enemies. She kept after him and he stood firm. When she continued to bother him about marrying her love, he finally told her that when a certain oak tree grew a ring, she could marry him. That night, there was a terrible wind storm and the limbs of the tree were blown together to form a ring. When the chief saw the ring, he decided that there must be some magic in the tree, and he allowed his daughter to marry her love. The Ring Tree, as it is known is still standing today and one of the bigger branches has a definite hole growing in it. We thought the story was interesting.

We stopped by the old cemetery close by and Cindy got several pictures of the old head stones and above ground graves.

We then went to a restaurant suggested by the lady at the Visitor Center. It is called McElroy’s Harbor House Seafood Restaurant. We both had Po Boy sandwiches. Cindy had shrimp and I had crab. They were both served with very delicious fries, and they both tasted very good.

The restaurant is right next to the dock where there were several boats selling shrimp.

On the way back to the RV Park, we passed a gas station that had diesel for $3.149 and I decided to fill the truck even though I could have gone further. This was the least we have seen for gas or diesel this whole trip.
After that we passed a Walmart and remember we need catsup, so we stopped. While we were there we decided to get some lunch meat and might as well get some cheese. We bought a few more things, and when we went to check out, I mentioned to the checker that we came in for a bottle of catsup. The final bill was a little over $37.00. He laughed and said “Ya’ll did good”. We all laughed. 

Tomorrow we leave here for Louisiana. 

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Diesel was down to $3.09 and less than a week later back up to $3.38. Gasoline is down but I can't see eighty cents more for diesel than gasoline.

  2. We paid 3.33 for diesel here. Would love to see it at 3.14. Expensive bottle of catsup you got.

  3. I'm taking notes .... the southern U.S. is on my bucket list!!