Saturday, November 15, 2014

We Are in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas High 50 Low 43

We woke up to a drizzle. It didn't amount to much, just enough to get the truck and camper extremely dirty on our drive to San Antonio, Where we are staying at Travelers World RV Resort.

So far it looks to be a really nice RV Park. Susan of Travel Bug checked us in and showed us some possible RV sites. She is really nice and even offered to go with us to see some of the sights around us on her days off. Since I have never been to San Antonio before I'm probably going to take her up on her offer.

I wanted a back in site to save a little money, but the ones they had open wouldn't have worked too well, so we took a really handy pull through. The pull through is long enough that I can park the truck behind the fiver with no problem.

We plan on being here for three nights and then will head further west. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer during the day, but colder at night. I shouldn't complain too much because it is supposed to get to 12 degrees in Salt Lake City tonight and then warm clear up to 28 tomorrow. We are hoping it is warmer in Arizona when we get there.

I will try to get some pictures tomorrow.

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  1. We just got home today from visiting our daughter in San Antonio. We stayed in Selma at the Stone Creek RV park. It was full the whole week we were there.

  2. When you go to see the Alamo stop in the Menger Hotel a short walk away to see the Teddy Roosevelt display. It's free, I can't remember what floor it's on but just ask. While the Buckhorn was pricey, we enjoyed it. There's also some beautiful Japanese gardens worth seeing.

  3. Definitely warmer here in AZ. But today is breezy. You know that AZ wind stuff.