Sunday, August 3, 2014

When In Maine

Carmel, Maine High 79 Low 57

We were told that most grocery stores in Maine will steam any lobster you purchase. We decided to try it out, and it was very good.

We also found out about a store called Marden’s. It is a large surplus goods store with one thing we have never seen in any other store of this type. They have a large fabric department. Some of the fabric was not a brand we were familiar with, but a lot of it is name brand cotton quilting fabric. Some of the brands we purchased included South Sea Imports, Riley Blake, Timeless Treasures, Andover, and Red Rooster. Prices start at $4.49 a yard with some marked down to $3.99 and even $2.99 a yard. If you are a quilter and are ever in Maine, it would be worth a look. They seemed to have a large selection, and we have been in fabric stores with less fabric.

We have some more pictures from the Transportation Museum. The Museum was started by Galen Cole, who was a combat infantryman in WW2, and ran a successful trucking company for nearly 50 years. There are some of their first trucks, along with 2 of their old semi’s one with over a million miles on it.

There is also a large war display and some of the flags from the Revolutionary War. One of the vehicles on display is a Ford Jeep with an explanation of where the name Jeep came from. They were call General Purpose vehicles, shortened to GP and pronounced GeeP.

Outside we found a covered bridge which was of the style built in 1840. There was a short explanation of why they covered the old bridges. One was that the horses weren't as frightened by an enclosed bridge and the other is that it kept the snow off the bridge helping it to last longer.

I was told that Maine winters aren't so bad; they only had 3 feet of snow on the ground most of last winter in Bangor. Give me southern Arizona in the winter anytime.

Tomorrow we leave here for Robbinston, Maine. The RV Park is supposed to be overlooking Passamaquoddy Bay.

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