Monday, August 11, 2014

Back in New Hampshire

Contoocook, New Hampshire High 84 Low 59

Today we left Topsham, Maine and drove to the Sandy Beach RV Park. We are here with Coast to Coast for 2 nights.

We had a man from church stop by last night. He gave us two packages of fresh Maine blueberries. He also told us about a little Market not too far from us that had the best lobster sandwiches. He told us that there was enough meat on the sandwich to make two sandwiches out of it, and he wasn't joking. We told the girl that we were going to eat it later, so she packaged the lobster and bun separately. who ever owns the market is a lobster fisherman and they are very generous with the lobster.

There is a dent right in the middle of the bridge.
He had asked me whether I was going to take the truck or truck and trailer to the little market. I told him it would be just the truck, and he then told me that the bridge right  by the market was only a little over 11 feet in clearance. It looked like someone had hit the bridge before. you can see the big dent in the beam.

Today must be the day for low bridges, because as we got near the RV Park, the GPS tried to have me go through a covered bridge with only 9'9" clearance. Not only that, the weight limit was 6 tons, and we are twelve. There was a road up the hill and across a dam to go around the covered bridge. You have to really love the GPS (most of the time) but when they screw up, they seem to do a good job of it.

We had a lot of traffic going past Portland, Maine. Part of the reason is that we prefer back roads instead of the Interstate. It is slower, but we like to see the small towns and not just Interstate Highways all the time. Besides we have lots of time to get where we are going.

This Park is called Sandy Beach because of the small Lake with a beach. The site we are in is a nice big one with lots of room. It's a little unlevel, but with the Level-ups, it really doesn't matter.

 The road just before the Park.
Lots of trees in the Park.
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  1. Best invention yet for a 5th wheel. Love them level ups!