Sunday, August 17, 2014

Old Buildings

Accord, New York High 77 Low 54

We got to see lots of old buildings in Kingston. One old church we think was built in 1850.
One of the old buildings said that the Catholic Charities that originally there had moved to another location. We loved all the stained glass. The fence in front of it, I think is made of cast-iron. It looked like it had been converted to an apartment building.

The trim on the fascia of this old building is very ornate. It is not something you see built now days.

There was a sign that said we were looking at was the site of the first Meeting place of the New York State assembly held on September 10th 1777.
There sure is a lot of history in the area. I read that the first state constitution was drafted and adopted in 1777, when  Kingston became the first state capitol of New York before the capitol was moved. The city was first established as a Dutch trading post in 1614. Kingston became a permanent settlement in 1652. There are still several colonial homes left in the area.

We thought this church was built in 1823, but because of all the dates on the plaque, we couldn't be sure. 

All of these pictures are of buildings around the area where the car show was held. We look forward to seeing more of the Kingston area.

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  1. Love the history! Don't you wonder who stepped on the same grounds you were on?

  2. Love those old buildings. You guys would love exploring all the old buildings here in Helena.