Saturday, August 16, 2014

Car Show

Accord, New York High 77 Low 59

We drove to Kingston today to take care of some business. After we got through, there was something going on on the next block. The road was blocked off and we found out it was a car show.

There were many cars some antiques and a few new ones. The one I especially liked was a 1926 Cadillac. The owner told me that it wasn't a boat tail end originally, but that he had made it that way. It had a V-8 engine, which he said it had when it was made.

There was a 1955 ford convertible that looked new. There also was a 1955 Chev station wagon. All the cars looked like new with a few exceptions.

I guess I liked them more than Cindy.

There were also many old churches and buildings, but I will save them for another post.

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  1. We were at the World's Largest Cruise in. I thought it was a dud.

  2. That Cadillac was quite a bit different from the 1935 model we saw recently. I like to see old cars.

  3. Oh wow! Those cars look too good. That convertible 1955 Ford looks amazing. How I wish I was there to witness it in person. I've always been a huge fan of vintage cars. Being there would've taken my breath away real good. Hahaha! Oh well maybe next time! I hope you enjoyed it, though. Take care! :)

    Terry Carson @ House of Cars & Cycles