Friday, June 20, 2014

New RV Park

Sublette, Illinois High 84 Low 62

It rained almost all night, but had stopped by 9:00 this morning. We left the Yogi Bear Resort this morning and traveled almost straight south. We are at the Woodhaven Lakes Resort, which is new to us. It is located almost in the middle of Illinois. We are here with Coast to Coast.

This Park, they receptionist told me, has more than 1900 sites, many or most of which are privately owned. We did see a sign that said no one can live here full time and is for vacationing only. A lot of the old RV's and their lots don't look very kept up.

They told me they had 8 inches of rain last night and the site they were going to put us on had standing water, so we got a different one.

There are seven lakes here, and every kind of business you can imagine. The security guard that led us to our site told me that on a holiday weekend this place gets up to 14,000 people.

On the way here we saw lots of corn fields that went on as far as we could see. It was mostly flat prairie getting here. The farm houses were few and far between.

I don't have many pictures so I am going to put more of the House on the Rock pictures on. This time some of the pictures we took in the ship collection. There is also a display with 2 giant sea creatures fighting.

There is also a display of the Titanic. I didn't get a picture of an article that talked about the sinking, but it mentioned that the man in the crow's nest saw the ice berg the ship hit. Because of his report, the ship was turned to try to miss it, where the report said if they had hit it straight on, only a few areas would have been damaged and the ship probably would have stayed afloat, while hitting the side tore such a large hole in the side, that many compartments flooded, causing the ship to sink.

There is a lot of difference in price today from 1912, but I wonder how the dollars compare, between then and now. 

There was one paper that told the rules for guests on a cruise, and what was expected of them. I'm glad I never went on a cruise like that one.

There was also some more stained glass, which seemed to be everywhere.

I'll put on more pictures another time.

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  1. 14,000 people is a whole lot of folks. More than many towns in Montana. Have a great time.

  2. Maybe you should join us and go to the Tennessee Rally. The rain is predicted every day in Pittsburgh, but just 45 miles away we seem to miss it.