Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fort Hays

Rapid City, South Dakota High 66 Low 54

It has been raining lightly all day.

We decided to go see Fort Hays. It is only about 5 miles from us. They advertised that some of the filming of the film Dances with Wolves was taken there. They also advertised a 99 cent all you can eat pancake breakfast.

We walk around to see the sights first. There is an old Post Office, and next door is a display showing how rope used to be made. There are several other old looking buildings. There are also several antique cars and horse drawn carriages. All these sights were worth every penny we paid (free). lol It really was worth seeing.

 We were entertained with piano music while we  had breakfast.

Lots of old stuff hanging in the rope shop.
Turn the handle and it twists the small strands into rope.

Lots of Bears for sale.
Most of the shops were selling tourist stuff, but we refrained from buying anything.

The 99 cent all you can eat pancake breakfast was good. Cindy couldn't finish her two pancakes, and I did manage to eat three, and that was probably one too many. They are very large.

 We are getting ready to move on tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting.

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