Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stewart, British Columbia August 12, 2013

Today we got up early to go to the Hyder Fish Creek Observation Site. While there I asked how much they charge if you don’t have a Golden Age Pass. I was told $5.00 per person per day. There are not too many good things about getting old, but the Golden Age Pass is one of them.

We were there for a while, and I got cold and had to go to the truck to get our jackets. The Ranger at the gate told me that there was a bear right by the entry gate. It was headed up the stream, so I had to watch out for all the people following it. We got some good pictures of the bear.

After that we talked to another Ranger about going to the Salmon Glacier. He told us it was 17 miles of dusty, washboard road, but in his opinion it was worth seeing. Since we were already part of the way there, we decided to make the trip to see the glacier. The road had some rough places, but generally wasn’t a problem for the truck. I would have hated to have been pulling the 5er however.

We had lots more beautiful scenery all the way to the top where the Glacier overlook is located. We got to see lots of ice bergs in the river, and as some of them melted, they went downstream. We got to the face of the glacier, which had its own view point. We drove along the glacier going up switchbacks and climbing until we got to the top viewpoint. The sign at the top said that Salmon Glacier is the fifth largest glacier in North America. It looks like it goes on for many miles further up the mountain away from the overlook. Both Cindy and I were glad that we had made the trip.

We went back through Customs and got a very friendly officer. We told him about our morning and he said we must have got up early to see both a bear and the glacier. He then asked us if we were taking anything back to Canada besides photos. When we told him no, he said have a good rest of the day. I wish all border crossings were that easy.

Little lake on the way to Salmon Glacier.

Cindy likes her Fireweed.

Sign coming out of Hyder.

 We went back to the trailer and had a very late breakfast/brunch and then drove up to a little lake called Clements Lake. It is a small lake north of Hyder just off the main highway. It is in a very pretty setting. We stayed there for a little while and came back to the RV Park. After that we just relaxed for the rest of the day.
1957 Chev in front of old building in Stewart.

Tomorrow we head back up the highway toward Prince George, but don’t know for sure where we will stop.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.
    Nice to see Cindy managing better!

    Cheers, Peter.