Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Diamond Point Resort, Washington August 27, 2013

This morning we drove to Port Townsend to see all the old buildings. Our first stop was the Visitor Center. We got a map to show where all the old buildings are located. There are a lot of them on the main street in Port Townsend. We got several pictures of the old business buildings, most of which were built in the late 1880’s or 1890’s.

Fun soda shop.

One of the buildings that is not that old is an Ice-cream store decorated like the 1950's. It is kind of cute.

The sign on the organ said it was built in 1902.
 We found an old Methodist Church that was built in 1871. The sign said it was the oldest church in this part of Washington. When we went into the church, which was open, we noticed an old organ. The Pastor said it had been brought into the church in 2002. He asked if we would like to hear it, and we said sure. Another man proceeded to play it for us. He also played an organ that was part of the original building. He told us that the original organ dated from the 1790’s. It was quite loud for the size of the room. We both thought it was nice of them to play the 2 organs for us. They had really nice stained glass.
One example of  the stained glass.

We looked at the Post office building which was also built in the 1890’s and had originally been the Customs Building. It was interesting to see the old style building.  

Part of the original plans.

After all the sightseeing, we were hungry and went to the Belmont Hotel and Cindy had the open faced crab sandwich that had been recommended to us by Judy. I decided to have the fish and chips, but afterword wished I had gotten the crab sandwich. Thanks Judy for the recommendation.

Cindy's sandwich was much better.

We wanted to see Fort Worden, where the movie An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed. The buildings looked just like they did in the movie. There is also a lighthouse, that we could drive right up to, so we didn't have to walk 10 miles. This one was easy Sandie.


Part of the scenery by the light house.

After that, it was time to go see the quilt stores in town. As we drove along, we saw two deer right in town by all the houses. One was full grown and the younger one was about 3 blocks from the older one, and we don’t know if the first was its mother.

The first quilt store is not open on Monday or Tuesday and looked more like a design store than a quilt store. The second store was a little way out of town toward the RV Park. It was a nice store with a very helpful older lady running it. She gave us a pamphlet that listed all the quilt shop in this part of Washington and recommended at least 2 that we should see. Cindy did buy a panel from them.

These are some of the old buildings we saw. some of the newer houses looked like the old ones. There must be a city ordinance.

This was originally a mansion, and is now a B & B. It is for sale.

 We  went to see the City Court House, which the sign said was built starting in 1890 and was moved into in 1892.

There were at least three different faces on the court house.

After all the sightseeing, we were both tired and came back to the fiver. Thanks for visiting.

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