Saturday, August 3, 2013

Glennallen, Alaska August 3, 2013

Today makes 3 months from when we left home. We have seen a lot of beautiful scenery. It has been good except for Cindy hurting her back. At least she is back into the picture taking mode.

 Today we headed toward Valdez. We drove 173 miles and presently are parked in a view area just south of Glennallen. I took us about 5 ½ hours with all the photo stops. From where we are parked, there is a gravel parking lot with breathtaking views of the Copper River and the Wrangell Mountains. I might have tried to park in the gravel, but was afraid we would high center getting through the first dip going into it, so we settled for the large paved lot. It is a ways off the main highway, so we hardly hear any traffic noise.

It is still about 125 miles to Valdez and we will drive it tomorrow.
On the way here we saw lots of Fireweed with the blossoms almost gone or all the way gone. The plants are still pretty with all the flowers gone. What is left is a red stem where each of the flowers was. Cindy likes to take flower pictures, so several are included.

On the way to our present location, we passed a view area of a large Glacier. I’m sorry, but I didn’t get the name. It looked like it went into the mountains for miles. We have included several pictures of it.

About 17 miles from Glennallen we hit road construction. There were 2 places we had to follow flag cars, and my clean truck is now a muddy truck, along with the front of the trailer. The weather report for Valdez says rain for the next few days, so maybe it will get washed by the rain. Prior to the construction, there were many areas of frost heaves. There were some grades to go up and down, but we had no problems.

We don’t have very good internet where we are parked, so the pictures will have to wait until tomorrow to get posted.

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