Thursday, July 9, 2020

Still Staying Busy

Riverton, Utah        High 93 Low 62

Since we have been home we both have been working hard to get our home back in shape.

We finally got rid of all the weeds and hauled the tree trimmings to the landfill to be made into mulch. While I was there I got  load of mulch to cover the outside of our back yard and to fill the large pots Cindy put out for flowers.

I had repairs and painting to do in two bedrooms that we will turn into guest bedrooms in our basement.

Cindy is almost finished with the mulch and I got through with the painting.

Now we are trying to get a bid to re-stretch some of the carpet in various parts of the house. I seem to have trouble getting a bid from the first carpet place I called, it has been almost two weeks since he looked at it, and so today I called someone else. I hope they are not too busy to take my money. I would like a bid and we want to get the stretching done. We have moved some of the book cases and curio cabinets, so we would like to get them put back in place.

Right now we are glad we are not in Arizona where not only is it going to hit 120 degrees, but the coronavirus seems to be adding lots more cases every day. 

It seems like Cindy and I are busy every day and I told her that lately Home Depot seems to be my favorite store.

Today I hauled a carload of stuff that Cindy decided we had in storage too long to the local charity store.We have been trying to get our storage room so it is not so cluttered. We both feel like if we haven't used it for 10 years, why keep it.

No pictures today but I will try to get some next time.

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  1. Keeping yourselves busy is also a great way of staying isolated which means less chance of catching the virus.
    Be Safe and Enjoy keeping busy.

    It's about time.

  2. Glad to hear you guys are still okay and staying out of trouble.

  3. Yup ... cleaning out the cabinets. The only problem here is all the donation stores are closed. Mostly it's just getting stacked in the garage.