Thursday, June 25, 2020

Back In Utah

Riverton, Utah                  High 84 Low 60

We decided to come back to Utah for several reasons, not the least was the temperature. It got to 109 in Yuma today and looks to stay hot. Also I have been watching the count on Yuma County coronavirus and it has been going up a lot for the last little while. There have been well over a hundred new cases every day for a while with 233 added  today alone. The total is now at 5364 with the hospital at capacity. We felt we would be safer in the Salt Lake City area.

We have both been working almost none stop since we got home. The first day Cindy picked a garbage can of weeds and has had me trim some of our trees.

We have got quite a large pile of leaves and weeds.

Penny has been feeling better and has to check out everything. Since we got back to Utah, she doesn't want to be left alone. If we go outside, she follows us. When we come inside we have to be careful because she will be right behind us.

We have been clearing out some of our planting area so Cindy could put out some pots we bought a long time ago at a yard sale. The kids buried them in our back garage and we finally were able to get to them.

The largest pot is going to go in the middle of the planting circle in our walk-out patio. Cindy and my daughter Paula thought it would look good there. I need to build the circle up with more dirt before we can take the pot down the stairs.

Any way, we have been busy working almost non-stop and we are both getting wore out.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I'm glad we're out of AZ also. Don't wear yourselves out this summer.

  2. That is quite the backyard you have. Was the rock brought in to make that big pit? Or did you blast the rock for the hole? Does it get hot in there when the sun is out? I've never seen anything like it.

    1. We had 150 loads of dirt hauled away and the rocks they lined the hole with started to crumble so we had them covered with decorative concrete made to look like rock. It doesn't get any warmer than any other open space but is shaded by the trees or the house.

  3. Looking good!! That's a lot of tree and bush trimming. Glad you made it home safe and I'm happy Penny is feeling better. The older my kids get, the more clingy. At least she has a huge back yard to play in. Now get to work quilting!!!! LOL

  4. Glad you made the trip Safely. Looks like you barely have a chance to sit with everything you've been doing.
    The reason Penny is following you could be she is still not feeling up to par and wants you around to protect her.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Utah.

    It's about time.