Friday, May 22, 2020


Yuma, Arizona             High 96 Low 64

Penny got her haircut Monday and looks like a different dog.

The only problem is that she gets cold at night and wants to be under the covers next to me at night to keep her warm. Usually when she gets cold she will get under the covers next to me for a little while until she warms up and then goes and on top next to Cindy. Now she is by me most of the night. She always has thought she needs to be right next to us while she sleeps and we have to be careful when we roll over.

Last evening some of the people in the park met at the clubhouse with their bikes, carts,and cars to form a small parade for one of the ladies that lives in the Park. She is the recent window of the popular activity director that passed away this spring. Everyone practiced social distancing and some even wore masks in their cars and golf carts, which we thought was a little overkill when everyone tried to keep their distance, but I guess everyone needs their own level of comfort.

Happy Birthday Debbie.

Whatever it takes for a little break from the usual. We had a fairly good turnout.

Today we decided to take the plunge and go to Fry's early to do some grocery shopping. It was a lot different than last time we were there. They seemed to be better stocked on things like toilet paper and paper towels, although they only allow one of each per family. The rest of the store was very well stocked. about 50% of the customers were wearing masks. I noticed it was the younger ones that didn't seem to wear them. They must think their invincible and maybe when I was their age I thought the same thing. I'm afraid as I have got older I have noticed that maybe I'm not so invincible after all.

I took some pictures of a plant we took over when our neighbor left which we added to our water system. It seems to really like what we are doing to it.

We finish another king size quilt using up almost 18 yards of fabric. No wonder we buy so much. Cindy says she is not a fabric hoarder, she just can't sew as fast as she can buy. But to be honest she does get lots of help with the buying.

I read this on a blog: Everything For Summer Is Cancelled, May As Well Just Put Up The Christmas Tree And Call It A Year!!!!

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  1. We feel the same as Penny when we get a Haircut and the weather turns cold.
    That was nice that everyone helped lift Debbie's Spirits. Certain it lifted everyone else's spirits s well.
    All that Fabric will keep you both busy.
    That is a shame where lots of cities are cancelling public events.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Quilting.

    It's about time.

  2. I agree with the Christmas tree!! Poor little Penny ... but she is so darn cute!! My pups do the same thing. They have to be "touching" me to keep warm. I'm stealing Cindy's idea ... I'm not a hoarder, I'm just slow at sewing! The sad thing is I seem to be spending more time on the couch than in the sewing room.