Saturday, October 8, 2016

Heading South

Riverton, Utah          High 70 Low 45

The weather here has been a lot cooler lately but warmed up some today. The snow (the awful 4 letter word) has been getting lower on the mountains.

Today we had an fabric estate sale to go to and found lots of treasures. We were able to get some large pieces of material for a dollar, one of which I measured was exactly 5 yards.There were lots of other treasures also. Cindy found one Anita Goodesign embroidery disc that sold for $75 she got for five dollars.
After the estate sale we had a funeral for one of my cousins to attend. He was barely 59 but last December had a stroke and was in bad shape. Cindy and I both wondered if it was made worse because they live in a small town and it took a while to get him to a hospital.

We have been packing the car to get ready to drive to Yuma tomorrow. Last year I told Cindy that I felt like the Beverly Hillbilly's because the car was so full. This year might even be worse, but we seem to be getting it all in. Penny kept going out in the garage while we loaded. She was acting like we were going without her. She sure is a dependent little dog. We can't go anywhere without her wanting to go. It seems like she wants to be with one or both of us all the time.
A very rare specimen of dogwood. 
As I said on my last post, we still haven't heard anything from UDOT in regards to them taking the other house. We were originally told 6 weeks, which got changed to 8 weeks. It now has been almost 3 months and we decided to leave for Yuma even if I heard anything from them today. When they make their offer, we still have 30 days to accept or reject, so if we hear from them, we are prepared to come back to Riverton. Hopefully is doesn't take them 4 years like it did for our friends.

The weather report shows about 100 in Yuma, but we both feel like we need to get away from all the commotion, even if it is for a short time.

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  1. Good luck with the sale and hope to see you guys again this winter, travel safe.

  2. Estates sales are great if you really need things, If you don't need it then it is just STUFF that puts a strangle hold on your enjoyment of life.
    Liked the picture of your dogwood.
    Good luck on the sale of your home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. But you always seem to find such amazing DEALS on that fabric, while I seem to find only the $12.99 per yard stuff!!! Have a good trip!

    1. We just couldn't pass up the 20 cent per yard Riley Blake fabric, or even the 1$ per yard Moda.

  4. Have a great trip south. We're slowly getting that way ourselves. I'm sure you have enough fabric to keep you busy for awhile.