Sunday, October 2, 2016

Getting Ready to Go Party

Riverton, Utah      High 81 Low 49

Today was warm, but it has cooled off and there is a lot of wind and lightning now. Tomorrow is forecast to be a lot cooler.

Since we plan on being in Yuma for Christmas, Cindy decided to have a Mexican party yesterday. After the party she gave everyone their Christmas presents.

We had lots of good Mexican style food: tacos, enchiladas, refried beans, and black beans, along with guacamole. It was very good and if you left hungry, it was your own fault. Devon filled his plate at least 3 times.
Slayter, the second from the left, thinks he wants to go to culinary school and become a chef.

Here is Devon on his second plate. He is the second from the right.

Taylor is the little guy sitting down on the left.

Chris was supposed to work, but got the day off, Here he is filling his plate.
Cindy had wrapped all the presents, with the exception of Teesa's, our oldest grand-daughter, which was too big, so we had a treasure hunt for her. It seemed like it was fun for her and the kids following her. She likes to make jewelry from beads and got two boxes of them. She seemed happy to get them after all the running around on her treasure hunt. she did get somewhat frustrated on some of the clues and needed my help.

After the presents were unwrapped Taylor, who is six, Told Cindy that it was the best Mexican, Thanksgiving, Christmas party he had ever been to.

Cindy's Mom and sister, Linda, even made it. Her Mom seems to be doing a little better but is still quite weak and needed help going up the stairs into our home. We had all of Cindy's family here, with the exception of Scott and Daniel who live in Phoenix. We plan on seeing them while we are in Yuma.

We still haven't heard anything from UDOT about the house and probably will have to come back once we do hear from them.

I have been busy quilting a lot and we seem to be running out of backs. We might have to go back to Maine and visit Marden's next summer for more of their low priced fabric (as if Cindy doesn't have enough).

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  1. The get together's are wonderful. we have our Thanksgiving/Christmas coming up this weekend, is always fun.

  2. What a great idea!! Sounds like everyone had a good time too!!!

  3. Great idea. Have a safe trip to Yuma. We're in Boise. Slowly working our way south.