Sunday, October 16, 2016

Enjoying Our Time Together

Yuma, Arizona           High 93 Low 67

Right now it is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Earlier this week the car read 102 degrees. I'm not looking forward to the electric bill because the AC has ran almost constantly during the day since we have been here.

After we got here one of the first thing we did was take Penny to the groomer. She looks a lot better and I'm sure she is a lot cooler.
We have been busy in the yard. Cindy went to the nursery and bought some tomato plants and planted cucumbers and squash. It almost seems like early spring in Utah due to all the gardening but this is all in pots.

I spent some time trimming our palm trees and the trash trees in the back (they are actually for shade, but drop lots of leaves and seed pods). Hopefully, by trimming them we don't get so much junk in our back yard like we did last year. I found out the hard way to pick up the palm trimmings with gloves and not bare hands. I ended up with lots of slivers from them.

We also planted a lemon tree which we hope will give us fruit some day. Our grapefruit tree doesn't seem to have as many grapefruit as last year but it might be because our neighbor told us that this summer was unusually hot. We have a small orange tree that looks pretty sickly.

Last night Cindy got some pictures of the full moon just after it came up. I picked what I thought were the best for this post.

The Park doesn't get things going till the first of November so it has been quiet as far as activities. There are a few people coming into the Park. I've seen one or two per day coming in.

We still haven't heard anything from UDOT about the house so that's still an unknown.

We talked to my sister-in-law last night and she says their Mom seems to be doing a little better and Linda is talking about taking her on a motor home trip this summer. She wants us to go with her but a lot depends on their mother. Linda thinks it might have to be a shorter trip than she originally planned but that is still OK.

Cindy has been busy sewing away and needs some white material but we still haven't made it to Grandma Jo's, but we will soon. She volunteered to have a quilt class making an easy baby quilt but that will wait until more people are here.

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  1. You are keeping busy there and enjoying the heat, we hope to be in that area in a month or so.

  2. That Penny is just the cutest!! and I love the moon pictures!!