Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lift Off

Albuquerque, New Mexico       High 75 Low 55

It was a little cooler here and it was sure welcome. We had a little rain last night and again this afternoon.

We got to the field at about 5:30, but just stood around for over an hour. The Dawn Patrol was air up getting ready for their early lift off and we were close enough to them to get good looks. They started to go up before it got light enough to get good pictures, so please forgive the first ones. They got better as the morning went on.

There were lots of interesting shaped balloons and we tried to get as many pictures as we could. There are so many pictures that I’m going to let them do most of the talking.

Our pilot taking to the official.

The bees kiss before lifting very high.

Our balloon getting inflated.

Ready for take off.

Wells Fargo Bank balloon.

There was a Yoda, but Cindy didn't get a clear picture of it.

Two of the officials unofficially known as zebras.

Looking straight into a balloon from below.

This gives some idea of the size of the crowd.

Our pilot made a large circle and landed back almost where he started. He said he likes to land on grass.

If the weather permits, this evening there is an event that they inflate the balloons and fire them, but don't take off.

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  1. Look at all those people. Not sure I could handle that but I love seeing all the pictures. That is a whole lot of balloons.