Friday, December 5, 2014

The Fiver’s Turn

Riverton, Utah High 57 Low 39

It was another nice warm day again. It is unusual weather for this time of year.

Today I took the fiver to Salt Lake to have an alignment done on it. When they got through, they showed me what had been taking place. All for wheels were aimed slightly to the left. I have been noticing that when I looked in the mirrors, it seemed to me I could see more of the left side than the right, but thought it might just be the way I looked in the mirrors. He also told me that the top of all the tires was in, and that and the other problem is why we saw so much wear on the inside of the tires compared to the rest of the tire. The total bill was $178.00, but if it helps on tire wear it will be worth it. He also said I might get a little better mileage and every little bit helps.

There was a truck wash not far from the alignment place but I wasn't able to even turn into the place to get in line, so I gave up on that idea.

I needed fuel and checked with Gas Buddy and the best place was in South Jordan, not too far from home, so I stopped there. It turned out that they had some kind of holiday special where you get 25 cents off per gallon if you use their credit card. So I paid $3.199 for diesel. It took 114 gallons to fill. I got about 10 miles per gallon since I filled it last, but all of it was pulling the trailer. The last place I filled up I believe was in San Antonio. It is still good not to have to fill up every few miles.

I got the binding sewed on Taylor’s quilt and now all that is left is for Cindy to do the hand work on the binding. She has been staying busy straightening out and organizing her fabric stash. It is looking a lot better.

I've still got a few things I want to build for the trailer and probably will have to get new tires on the truck. I’m going to have someone look at them and give me their opinion.  Hopefully there is enough rubber left on the trailer that I don’t have to replace the tires there as well. It has been an expensive week.

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