Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Got The Truck Back

Riverton, Utah High 54 Low 39

It was raining a little this morning. After it quit, it turned into a nice enough day.

I got the truck back today. When I took it in to get repaired, the shop owner called back and asked if I was sitting down. He also suggested I bite down hard on something. He then told me the repairs I wanted would be in excess of $2500.00. I gulped, but told him to go ahead.

Today when I picked up the truck the bill was $2813.00. It seems some of what I needed came from the Chevy dealer and they charge plenty. After he got the Chevrolet EGR valve installed, he had to take the truck to the dealer, where they have to re-calibrate for the new EGR valve. One transmission cooler line had to be replaced plus the front end work and the lube and oil, plus the emission test just added to the bill. Now we are good to go.....EXCEPT..... for the new tires I will have to have put on the truck and trailer.

We have driven a long way the last two years. We have put over 40,000 miles on the truck, most of it pulling the trailer. With that and all the material we bought in Maine and have been hauling around for the last three month, I'm not too surprised. It's just a shock to my system to have to put out so much money all at once.

Now on a different note. We signed up for the Escapee Escapade in Tucson this coming March. Today I talked to Jan Mains and she asked if we were planning on going to the Good Sam Rally in Phoenix at the end of February. I hadn't known about it, but we are toying with the idea, since we will be kind of in the area.

We also reserved a camp spot at North Ranch for Bead Week at the end of March, so it sounds like we will have a pretty full schedule when we get to Arizona after the first of the year.

My youngest daughter and her husband have built a log house near Sandpoint, Idaho, and we have already told her we would be up to see them when the weather warms up a little in that part of the country. Jokingly, but maybe seriously, I kidded with her about putting in an RV pad while they were building. She called me about a month ago asking how long the trailer was and how wide. I told her, and they went ahead and put in the pad. They used to live in Irvine, California and to be honest I didn't like to visit because of all the people, but now I don't have any excuse not to go see them. We do like that part of Idaho in the warmer weather. They both like to ski, so should be happy there in the winter.

Cindy got through sewing the quilt for Taylor, (the little 5 year old grandson) today and I will try to get it quilted tomorrow. It is going to get a nice easy all over pattern, so shouldn't take too long.

We have both been busy since we got home, but are looking forward to traveling again, but will probably stay put longer next year than we did this year.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. I know about those darn truck repairs!! They bite!!! I'm curious what machine you quilt with?? Maybe we can get together in Quartzsite!!

  2. I had to do the EGR valve in the motorhome last summer and it was $1300 for only the valve and no other services... And it took them a week or more to get the valve from freightliner and install it.... They are always hooking onto the computer system every time I go in so I have no idea what programming had to be done... Who ever said that RVing was a cheap way to go on vacation didn't know what they were talking about... Its a lifestyle................ A costly one....