Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Moving South

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina High 81 Low 73

We traveled south today and are staying at the Cypress Camping Resort. It is new to Coast to Coast, having just started taking CtoC the first of October. We are in a pull through site with 50 amps, cable TV, and good Wi-Fi. We had to pay $2.00 per day for the cable and $1.20 in taxes per day to stay here. Can you tell I like our Coast to Coast membership?

It is a lot warmer here and is quite humid. We had about half an hour of hard rain getting here and when we got here we found out we are just in time for tornado warnings and possible hurricane warning. But only for tomorrow, after that it is supposed to be nice the rest of the week.

One the way here we saw lots of cotton fields. Some looked dryer than others.
Early this evening we went to a restaurant that the office man told us about. We found out it had been open in the same location since 1948. It is now run by third generation members of the same family. It is called Lee’s Inlet Kitchen. When we drove up, the parking lot was full of cars. To us that is usually a good sign. We wanted seafood and what we had was very tasty. We probably will have to go back.
On the way to the restaurant I noticed a gas station that had $3.369 diesel. That is the least I have seen on this trip and so on the way back to the RV Park I filled the truck.

On the way here we passed a lot of tourist traps including this one Cindy got a picture of.
We are staying here for three nights and then will move toward Savannah where we will visit some of the family.

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  1. That big ape gets around. Saw him three times this summer.