Monday, April 6, 2020

Funny Times

Yuma, Arizona             High 81 Low 56

Today we decided to try Fry's and Walmart's pickup service. I tried to get a time Yesterday but couldn't even get a time until this morning. Walmart's pickup time is tomorrow between 2 and 3 PM, The best I could do a Fry's isn't until Saturday. We see how it goes and at least it makes it so we don't have to go in the store.

One of our friends here is the Park is abundantly cautious  about the virus. After shopping, she felt the need to dip everything in a solution of weak Clorox. This was fine for most things but her package of M&M Peanuts must have had a hole in it. When she opened them, they were ruined from the bleach. We all need to be cautious but not with our M&Ms. Buy them in large plastic containers from Sam's Club like we did.

We saw this picture on Facebook and wanted to share it:

We need to maintain a sense of humor about all of this but hopefully maintain caution.

The Casinos are closed, The Churches are closed. It must be really serious, when Heaven and Hell agree. And I wonder how many of the rest of you are getting 3 weeks to a gallon of gas.

We have decided that even though everything in our Park is closed down, we feel a lot safer here than anywhere else we could be.

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  1. I've heard of people doing that. Wiping down and washing everything before it comes in the house. They even have a table marked BEFORE and AFTER so they don't get mixed up. How will we ever get herd immunity? I still don't understand the need for so much toilet paper. I tried ordering online, but my grocery pickup date was nine days out. I'll starve by then!! LOL

  2. We wipe everything down but not to the extent of dipping them.
    A wise choice to stay in place as a way of riding out this Pandemic.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your M&Ms.

    It's about time.