Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wellton Parade

Wellton Parade
Wellton, Arizona               High 82 Low 54

It was sunny and warm again today.

We went to the Wellton parade. It started promptly at 10:00. We took Penny, which turned out to be a mistake. When the horses went by, she started to bark at them. Then came the fire engines and ambulances, all of which had sirens going off, which scared Penny. She kept trying to run away and was shivering a lot. Cindy finally had to take her to the truck.

The parade had several floats by the local RV Parks. From one of them we learned that the town was originally call Well Town because of the wells for water for the trains and was later changed to Wellton.
This is the float from the Park we are at, Pioneer RV Park. Someone said it got first place.

The majority of the parade was old cars. Most of them were show quality, but a few looked like a work in progress, but they were still kind of neat to see. They threw a lot of candy for the kids.

There was even this antique fire truck.

The parade only lasted about 45 minutes, but was a good distraction and we learned not to take Penny to that type of event.

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