Saturday, October 12, 2019

We Are Still Staying Busy

Yuma, Arizona         High 88 Low 59

The last few days was a lot cooler and at night it has been nice for sleeping. The high Thursday was in the lower 70's. There was a lot of wind for 3 days. The air quality was very bad.

We have been busy making quilts, Cindy sewing and I have been cutting and pinning for her. We have been here two and a half weeks and she finished her 7th quilt yesterday. Cindy does tell me that the reason she got so many finished was that she made up kits before we left Utah and all she had to do was sew them together.

We also have been getting a start on the quilt classes which start after the first part of November.

There are more people getting here all the time but we are a long way from having everyone here.

Yesterday we took some friends to an all you can eat fish and fries at The Foothills Eatery. Every one filled up and the fried fish was very good. The fries were also good. If you are ever in Yuma The all you can eat is on Fridays. I recommend it. We went there last year also.

I think I have all the repairs complete (I hope).

We plan on going to Phoenix next Saturday to take some things to Cindy's son Scot. While we are there we are going to visit one of the quilt stores in Mesa.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Ohhhhhhh I'm SO jealous! Hoping one day I can get to Phoenix and Mesa to the quilt stores!!

  2. If you were here you'd be using those quilts to keep warm.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip to Mesa.

    It's about time.