Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Penny

Newport, Washington        High 56 Low 43

We feel like we are back to winter. It is another rainy day with more predicted. It is supposed to warm up some by the time we leave here.

Today Penny is four years old. She was only ten weeks old when we got her and she weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces. Now she is clear up to 6 pounds 4 ounces, what a little fatty (not really).

This is a fairly recent picture.
When we first got her she couldn't even climb the stairs in our fifth wheel, now she runs up and down any stairs.

She was about 3 months old in this picture.

When we got her from an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania the farmers daughter had to say good-by. Then when we got about a mile away, she promptly threw up on Cindy as she had never been in a car before. Now the only time she gets car sick is on the roller coaster road between Needles and Parker. She thinks she gets to go everywhere with us and is usually right.

This was taken in April on the way back to Utah and she wasn't feeling too well.

When we got her she was more the color of a Yorkie and the first time we got her back from the hair cutter, we both thought they had given us the wrong puppy because she was all white with a few black hairs. The black hairs have all disappeared and after each hair cut more of the original copper color have came back until now she is almost all the light brown color.

Penny has seen a lot of the country with us and probably doesn't really know where her home is except she wants to be with us all the time. When we were home in Riverton, Heather told us that she would either stay by the door and cry or sit on a chair and watch out the window for us to come back when we had to leave her home. No matter how long she has been alone, she acts really glad to see us when we get back and wants to be picked up so she can give us kisses.

We had fun last winter in the Yuma parade playing The Grinch and Max. I'm not sure who had the most fun, me or Penny.

Max was a big hit to the kids when she was in the parade.

Penny also likes to go play in the sand whenever we take her to a beach and hope to be able to let her run free this trip when we get to the coast.

I admit that I have spoiled her, but Cindy has helped. Here are a few more pictures of her.

Penny got a taste at the ice cream social.

A little black on her ears.

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  1. Penny is an adorable fur baby and wishing her a Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy birthday Penny. You are a cutie.

  3. Awwwwww Happy Birthday Penny. She is just the cutest thing ever!! She's also lucky to have a great Mom and Dad. Spoiled is always good in my book!!