Thursday, March 8, 2018

This and That

Yuma, Arizona          High 85 Low 56

It has been a lot warmer for the last while, more like what we expect March in Yuma to be like.

Cindy got a bad cold almost two weeks ago and I have had it for a week (of course the best way to get rid of a cold is to give it to someone else). We are both almost over it and are feeling a lot better. I've always heard that if you get a cold and do everything you should and can for it, it will only last a week, while if you don't do much for it, it will last 7 days.

With all that said, the Fabric Store at the Arizona Market had a customer appreciation sale last Friday. If you got there before 9 AM they gave an extra 10% off the sale price. In addition they had us put our names in for a drawing to win charm packages. We held it down and only bought 80 something yards (can you ever have too much fabric). Maybe it was better that Cindy didn't feel well or we might have really got carried away buying fabric. lol

Penny hasn't been able to go to Yappy Hour at the small Dog Park since last Friday because I haven't felt well enough and didn't have anyone I wanted to give my cold to. So as you can see from this picture, she has been pretty much a lap dog for the last week.

Penny gets to go see her doggie friends this afternoon since I am feeling a lot better.

We got a call from the Quilt Store that Cindy's name had been drawn to win one of the prizes, so we went in today to pick it up and found both our names on the list of winners. The packs weren't anything we would have bought, but Cindy says she will make use of them in one of her scrappy quilts.

The store had several quilts on display and Cindy's daughter, Stephanie, would have like the one I took a picture of except they like wolves instead of foxes.

Cindy's sister took their Mom out of rehab and got her admitted to the hospital because of all the water build up. They told her there was nothing wrong, but it is probably good that Linda didn't listen to them and took her to the hospital. She called yesterday and told us that she should be able to go back to the other rehab place soon and is doing a lot better.

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  1. You can never EVER have too much fabric!!! You do make me feel much better about how much "I" buy, however. Hope you both feel better soon!!