Monday, November 7, 2016

Sunday Sundae

Yuma, Arizona           High 91 Low 64

It is still quite warm here, but a lot better than having the awful 4 letter word (snow).

Things are picking up here. There are a lot more people here than even a week ago.

Today at the small dog park there were 11 dogs running around playing with each other. That is the most so far.

Last Friday I got to start playing shuffle board. We had 16 players Friday and 20 today.

Cindy has been taking fitness classes and we plan on taking more advanced square dance lessons.

We finally got all of the paperwork for the offer on our property that is being taken by the Department of Transportation for the widening project back in Utah. It all seemed to be a good enough offer, so we signed the acceptance and sent the paperwork back. Now we have to close with them and will drive home for a couple of days to do so. Meanwhile we found a replacement for the exact amount we were offered. We put some down on it and they are letting Tammy and the grand kids move in before we close on the replacement. Then the other set of kids will move in with us.

As for the title, one of the RVers has a get together every Sunday evening for anyone that wants to stop by and have a sundae. Last night there were about 20 people. We all manage to have fun in this Park.

I had to have another tooth pulled and fortunately one of the things I'm allowed to eat is ice cream.I'll be glad to get the dental work all finished but it is going to take a while. The dentist told me it would be about 6 months before I'm able to have an implant this time. Too bad I don't have dental insurance with the exception of cleaning and checkups.

Tomorrow Cindy will probably start the pottery classes again. Also one of her tomato plants has some small tomatoes on it.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. You are settling in quite nice as the weather slowly cools down and the snowbirds arrive.

  2. Love those Sundaes!!! I bet you're going to be REAL busy this winter. Have fun! I'll see you sometime in January.