Friday, May 8, 2015

We've Been Busy

Riverton, Utah High 63 Low 47

It has rained the last few afternoons, and been a lot cooler.

 I finished quilting a baby quilt which Cindy did a lot of embroidery work on.

We went to the Salt Lake Quilt Show yesterday. There were many nice quilts on display and also lots of vendors. We were both tired by the time we left. My phone said we walked almost 6 miles yesterday. We went yesterday because we thought there wouldn't be as many people as the last two days, but there were still a lot of people attending.

It would be hard for me to pick my favorite quilt, but one of them was very unique. Depending on what direction you looked at it, there were three different pictures of some of the old Masters in quilting. I had what looked like a picture frame which was entirely a quilt. Someone spent a lot of time making it.

It looks like a wooden frame, but is quilting.

We ended up buying some new tools, which I’ll talk about as we try to use them.

As far as getting the disc brakes on the Montana, when I called the place in Grants Pass they quoted me nearly $4000.00 to do the conversion, so I then called MorRyde and they wanted $3000.00. After watch some YouTube videos on the installation, I have decided to do the work myself. The only difference than what I have done in the past with the brakes, is running the hydraulic line from the actuator, which will need to be installed, back to the wheels. I ordered the parts, and am having them shipped to Sabrina’s home near Sandpoint, Idaho. They are supposed to be there next Thursday according to UPS. With the shipping I am paying just over $1700.00 for the conversion kits, brake actuator, and line set. I figure I can do the installation in 2 or maybe 3 days, which if I had someone else do it is pretty good wages for me.

Our plan now is to leave next Tuesday right after Penny’s shots and make it there in 2 or maybe 3 days, depending on how far we want to drive per day. Cindy just told me she doesn't think she can be ready, so now I'm not sure.

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  1. LOVE those quilt designs ... especially the embroidery. What kind of machine does Cindy use?? I saw some in Arizona and am interested in getting one. Her work is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Those quilts are amazing. Thanks for the close ups.